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Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV

468x60 seedsman ani 1 Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV

Marijuana and Aids


What is Aids?

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) refers to a specific group of diseases or conditions resulting from severe suppression of the immune system. Scientists have identified the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, to be the infectious agent causing AIDS. HIV destroys the immune system by attacking T-cells in the blood . Like chemotherapy for cancer patients, the standard treatments for HIV infection are highly toxic. Conventional drugs used to treat HIV infection such as zidovudine (AZT), lamivudine (3TC) and various protease inhibitors cause significant nausea, so patients have difficulty withstanding treatment. The nausea also heightens the loss of appetite and weight associated with AIDS. This can lead to a condition known as AIDS wasting syndrome. Wasting syndrome is one of the leading causes of death from AIDS, as it leaves the body weak and susceptible to rare cancers and unusual infections.

Marijuana and Aids-How can it help?

Marijuana not only helps people with AIDS combat nausea and improve their appetite, it relieves their muscle spasms, chronic fatigue and pain. People with AIDS who use marijuana to survive are probably the fastest growing group of medical marijuana patients today. They comprise the majority of members of cannabis buyers clubs in major California cities -- 70% in Los Angeles and 90% in San Francisco. It is reasonable to conclude that with the rise in the epidemic over the last two decades, and with the increased toxicity of AIDS treatments, the number of people using marijuana to medicate themselves will continue to increase.

Opposition to Medical  Marijuana and Aids

From the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, opponents of medicinal use of marijuana have argued that it is particularly harmful to people with AIDS because of adverse effects on the immune system. This followed unconfirmed reports in the early 1970's that marijuana weakened the body's response to disease. Several researchers have since been unable to find supporting evidence that cannabinoids actually harm or reduce the number of T-cells in the body. In spite of all the claims, in 1992 the Food and Drug Administration officially approved the use of synthetic THC (Marinol) in the treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome.

Risks of Medical Marijuana and Aids

The real risks involved with smoking marijuana for people with AIDS are the risk of contamination and the risk of lowering resistance to respiratory infections with long term heavy use. These risks can generally be avoided by ingesting marijuana rather than smoking it, and by sterilizing marijuana that comes from an unknown source.

Marijuana and Aids. Please See  Cooking With Marijuana

468x60 seedsman ani 1 Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV
Science: Marijuana and Aids

  • There have been contradictory claims about marijuana's safety and effectiveness in treating people with AIDS. From the beginning of the epidemic, opponents of the medical use of marijuana have argued that it is particularly harmful to people with AIDS because of adverse effects on the immune system. This followed unconfirmed reports in the early 1970s that marijuana weakened the body's response to disease.
  • Following these reports, several researchers tried to find supporting evidence. In one such study, Gabriel Nahas tested the effect of marijuana on the body's immune function, using T-cells extracted from the blood of both marijuana users and nonusers. Nahas claimed to find evidence that marijuana weakened the immune system, making the body more susceptible to disease. However, other researchers could not duplicate Dr. Nahas's results.
  • Beginning in 1984, 345 HIV+ men without AIDS were evaluated over a six year period by Drs. Matthew Di Franco et al. in the San Francisco Men's Health Study. The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of specific recreational drugs and alcohol on the possible progression of AIDS symptoms. The resulting data from the study suggested no substantial association between the use of psychoactive drugs and the development of AIDS among HIV infected men. Marijuana use, specifically, was associated with a decreased rate of progression to AIDS and was more common among individuals who were more healthy at baseline.
  • In 1985, at Johns Hopkins University, Drs. Richard W. Foltin, Joseph V. Brady and Marian W. Fischman conducted a study on marijuana's effects on food intake in humans. Nine adult male resided in residential laboratory for up to 25 days. Subjects given marijuana cigarettes or cigarettes with a placebo. The administration of two or three active marijuana cigarettes containing low concentrations of THC during social access period increased average daily caloric intake by about 20%. The mean number of calories consumed daily under marijuana conditions (2900-4400 calories) was consistently greater than consumed daily under placebo conditions (2400-3400 calories) for eight of the nine subjects participating in the study.
  • In 1988, another study by Drs. Richard W. Foltin et al. appeared in Appetite. When 6 adult male volunteers under similar conditions as the previous study smoked 4 marijuana cigarettes with higher concentrations of THC daily, the mean daily caloric intake increased by nearly 40%.
  • In 1989, the Journal of the American Medical Association featured a study by Drs. Richard Kaslow et al. on the role of alcohol and other psychoactive drugs in accelerating immunodeficiency in HIV-1-positive individuals. The study concluded that the use of alcohol and psychoactive substances (including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, and opiates) did not enhance the progression of human immunodeficiency virus infection or contribute to a greater decline in T cell counts.
  • In 1995, at the University of California in San Francisco, AIDS researcher, Dr. Donald Abrams, initiated a study to compare the effectiveness of Marinol verses smoked marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval to launch the study. However, under federal law, all marijuana used in research must come form the federal marijuana farm in Mississippi that is under control of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). NIDA denied Dr. Abrams access to the marijuana he needed for his FDA approved research. More recently, following the passage of Proposition 215 in California, and the resulting increased pressure on the federal government to allow marijuana research, Abrams finally got the green light and is proceeding with a scaled down version of his original research proposal.
  • In August of 1997, a National Institutes of Health scientific panel concluded that while the unique compounds found in marijuana called cannabinoids do suppress some immune responses, they also tend to enhance others. In particular, there has been no evidence that cannabinoids actually harm or reduce the number of T-cells in people infected with HIV.

As always seek the advice of your local medical practioner.

Marijuana and Aids article in the Washington Post Click Here

468x60 seedsman ani 1 Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV Medical Marijuana and AIDS/HIV

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La Nina Marijuana Seed

La Nina Marijuana Seed

lanina 1 242x300 La Nina Marijuana SeedLa Nina marijuana seeds after years of being held in reserve for family members, became available to the general public in 1998. La Nina marijuana seed is strongly related to El Nino (Bio Cup 98 HTCC).

She has a genetic composition of Haze x White Widow, and is a good selection for the Haze lover. The exotic Haze flavor consisting of mild sweet fruity tones remains intact thru the cross.

La Nina marijuana seed buds are large and airy like the Haze, and produce thick crystals which tend to have a shorter neck and bigger head than most strains. As it nears finishing, La Nina marijuana seed barely looks like a marijuana plant, but more closely resembles a Spanish broom plant because the flowers are so long and airy.

La Nina marijuana seeds are  very popular as they are known to have fantastic yields.

Expected yield: indoor 450-550 g/m2 g/h & outdoor g/plant dependent on climate. Grows well in hydroponic setups.

Buy La Nina Marijuana Seed Now

Indoor growing requires meticulous trimming and an early force into flower to control the Haze-influenced size. This plant can reach the sky if not kept trimmed.
La Nina Marijuana seed is considered to be very potent. This strain is said to contain a large amount of THC and is  one of the most popular in the Amsterdam coffee shops.

With La Nina Marijuana seed around, life will never be same again. The high is so clear, you might feel seduced into thinking that you're sober...until you try to do things, and feel the electricity of the buzz in your actions.

It is a strain that is  particularly popular for medicinal purposes.

Recommended for the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.

Buy La Nina Marijuana Seed Now


Heritage: La Niña

Category: The Naturals - Old school genetics

Family of breed: Brazilian sativa/South India x Haze

Breeder: Mr Nice Seedbank

Preferred medium: Bio and hydro, indoors, outdoors/greenhouse

Expected yield: Indoor 450-550 g/m2 g/h & outdoor g/plant dependent on climate.

Flowering period: Indoor expect it to be ready 56-70 days. In the North/hemisphere it will be ready by October and in the South/hemisphere it will be complete by April.

Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.

Special Notes: A winner of the HTCC in 98, know also as El Niño. Also a very hardy and reasonable practical hybrid.

Buy La Nina Marijuana Seed Now


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Marijuana Ought to Become Legalized For Medical Use.

seedsbanner Marijuana Ought to Become Legalized For Medical Use. Marijuana Ought to Become Legalized For Medical Use.

Marijuana Ought To Be Legalized with regard to Medical Purposes

afghan x haze 101 300x225 Marijuana Ought to Become Legalized For Medical Use.Primarily in our society, marijuana is actually known as some sort of recreational substance. Nevertheless, regarding the actual individuals in the USA as well as in the European Union that suffer from conditions and types of illnesses such as cancers, attention deficit disorder, epilepsy, depressive disorders, anxiety, tension, migraine headaches, meningitis in addition to long-term pain, marijuana may possibly appeal to these individuals as a medicinal substance.

Several people in the USA along with Europeans firmly believe that this drug eases the anguish and also suffering of numerous conditions. Because of this it needs to be considered for  medical purposes.

In 1972 after examining the controlled data, the National Commission on Marijuana and  Drug Use concluded that while it's true marijuana isn't entirely risk-free, its downsides were definitely very exaggerated. Since that time, researchers  have carried out many scientific studies of men, women and animals, in addition to cell cultures, none that reveal any kind of conclusions substantially different from those mentioned by the National Commission in 1972.

In 1995, based upon thirty years of scientific research, a paper in the  Uk medical journal Lancet concluded that “the smoking of marijuana, possibly even long-term, is not harmful to health and fitness.”

In a 2003 document, the American Civil Liberties Union makes clear that no one has actually died because of an overdose from marijuana being used as a recreational or even medical substance. In accordance with the Drug Policy Alliance, marijuana  may succeed in lowering the nausea or vomiting caused by most cancers chemotherapy, rousing desire for food for AIDS patients, and also lowering intraocular pressure in people who have glaucoma. There is also sizable data that marijuana reduces muscle spasticity in affected individuals with neurological symptoms.

A new manufactured supplement is accessible by means of health professional prescription only, however it is far from as successful as smoked marijuana for several affected individuals. Real THC might  produce a lot more distressing psychoactive negative effects compared with smoked marijuana.

In regards to cancers, marijuana may stimulate the urge for food and also ease nausea and throwing up, which are typical side effects connected with radiation treatment.

In the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer reports that research workers at the Medical College of Virginia found that cannabis (marijuana) can be an incredibly powerful botanical herb for reducing a number of cancers, both benign in addition to malignant.

From the document “Hemp and Health,” Nelson reports that THC and CBN (the primary chemicals in marijuana) possess inhibited major cancer development from 25 to 82% and increased the life span expectancy connected with cancerous mice to the exact same extent.

The actual anti - cancer property of THC and CBN is quite selective, mainly because it reduces tumor cells with out destroying normal cells.

Joycelyn Elders, M.D. said in a  article published 3/26/04 in the Providence Journal in Rhode Island: “The research is overwhelming that marijuana can easily relieve some types of pain, nausea, sickness and various symptoms attributable to this sort of illnesses as multiple sclerosis, cancer and also AIDS-or from the tough drug treatments occasionally used to treat them. Also it can do so with extraordinary safeness. Indeed, marijuana is actually less harmful compared to many of the medicines that medical doctors recommend every day.”

The U.K.’s Medical Marijuana Research Foundation released on their website in November, 2001 that medicinal usage of marijuana could give you a significant improvement in daily life with regard to persons with: AIDS wasting syndrome, Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disorder, Hypertension, Arthritis, Ms, Asthma, Nail Patella Affliction, Brain injury/stroke, Nausea (which usually occurs with chemotherapy), Crohn’s/colitis, Continual pain, Depression/Mental sickness, Phantom limb suffering, Eating disorders, Migraine, Epilepsy, Spinal cord damage, Fibromyalgia, along with Tourette’s syndrome.

This kind of enhancement in quality of life is a result of marijuana’s decreasing effect connected with long-term pain, spasm, bladder dysfunction as well as nausea or vomiting.Research workers from GW Pharmaceuticals wrote in an document written and published in the Journal of Marijuana Therapeutics that in practice it has been discovered that, when compared to comparable amount of cannabinoid given as a individual chemical entity such as Marinol, concentrated amounts of marijuana provide increased relief of pain (Pharmaceutical-quality Marinol delivers standardized THC levels).

Cannabinoids consumed by mouth take effect more gradually and are also ingested far more unpredictably as compared to inhaled marijuana, lots of affected individuals prefer the latter, University of Montreal pharmacologist Mohamed Ben Amar published in a paper posted in March by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

Marijuana is easily the most common unlawful substance in the US these days, says the Drug Policy Alliance. It has been said that individuals who've utilized drugs such as heroin, cocaine, as well as LSD, will probably in addition have utilised marijuana. But nearly all marijuana consumers never make use of almost any alternative illegal substance. Certainly, for the considerable majority of individuals, marijuana is a finishing point instead of a gateway drug.

None of the medical tests, as per the Drug Policy Alliance, presently utilized to discover brain injury in human beings have found damage from marijuana, even from continued high-dose use.

An early study detailed brain damage in rhesus monkeys after 6 months experience of substantial concentrations of cannabis smoke. While a recently released, far more thoroughly conducted analysis, scientists failed to find data associated with brain abnormality in monkeys that had been forced to breathe something like four to five marijuana cigarettes every day for a 12 month period.

The particular claim that marijuana kills brain cells got its start from a provisional document dating back a quarter of a century that has never been sufficiently corroborated.

So after all this time people and scientists are finally realizing that nice marijuana is a beneficial herb.

Read more about Marijuana

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seedsbanner Marijuana Ought to Become Legalized For Medical Use.
 Marijuana Ought to Become Legalized For Medical Use.

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Mr Nice Black Widow Seeds Review

Mr Nice Black Widow Seeds

blackwidow 42 300x296 Mr Nice Black Widow Seeds ReviewMr Nice Black Widow seeds are award winning plants with impeccable credentials. An infamous strain that since 1994 has won a number of awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995.

Mr Nice Black widow seeds are renowned around the world as the half sister to the infamous White Widow, however the darker sister is more stable and capable of greater yields. It maintains the family reputation for high natural THC levels and the buds come with the familiar white cobwebbed effect, a product of the phenomenal THC production.

Mr Nice Black Widow Seeds smoke has a deep pungent aroma with sharp top notes. The effects are unadulterated Sativa with a  cerebral, tingly, happy high that is clean and clear.

Mr Nice Black Widow Seeds develops an amazing bud both in quality, potency and flavors. Getting the Mr Nice Black Widow to yield well is extremely simple, even for a first time grower. It is generally a highly recommended strain for amateur breeders.

All in all Mr Nice Black Widow Seeds make a nice balanced hybrid marijuana plant.


  • Type: Indica / Sativa
  • Sex: Regular
  • Genetics: Brazilian sativa x South Indian Indica
  • Flowering Time: Medium, Long
  • Height: Medium, Tall
  • Characteristics: Super tastes and aroma
  • Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
  • Expected yield: Indoors 350/450g/m2, G/h and outdoors 300/400 g/plant
  • Flowering period: Indoor flowering time expect approximately 8-10 weeks. Harvest date in the northern hemisphere should be by the end of Sept to the beginning of Oct and in the southern hemisphere end of March to April.

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Neville´s Haze By Mr Nice Review

Neville´s Haze

  • Name                                 Neville´s Haze
  • Breeder                            Shantibaba's
  • Genetics :                        Haze x NL5/Haze
  • Pack Size:                        18 Seeds
  • Variety:                           Mostly Sativa
  • Feminised:                     Regular (not feminised
  • THC Content:                21.0%
  • Grows :                            Grows indoors
  • Flowering Time:          16 Weeks
  • Characteristics :         Strong Sativa High; Cerebral Buzz
  • Height :                          Tall

nevilleshaze3 Neville´s Haze By Mr Nice ReviewNeville´s Haze is yet another superb breed by Neville Schoenmakers. He made it by combining a pure Haze to a NL5/Haze, which created probably one of the most influential plants in modern times.
For flavor it is very much sativa, so it is unlikely to appeal to lovers of Indica.
Nevilles´s Haze produces a very strong cerebral high, a true connoisseur´s choice and is frequently used for medical purposes.
The yield of Neville’s Haze strain varies from 250 gr and 500 gr per m2. The more you nurture Neville’s Haze plants, the bigger yield you can expect.

As Neville´s Haze grows she develops large fluffy buds. These give  an intense rushing, trippy high. Not to be recommended for inexperienced smokers.

Flowering Outdoors in the Northern hemisphere one can expect it to be ready by late October.
And flowering in the Southern hemisphere by the end of April.

As Neville´s Haze seeds have quite a long growing time, with patience these seeds will reward her grower with one of the most refined aromas and effects of the cannabis.

BUY Neville´s Haze NOW


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G13 X Hash Plant Mr Nice Review

G13 Marijuana Seed

G13 marijuana1 300x224  G13 X Hash Plant Mr Nice ReviewApparently according to marijuana folklore, the original G13 strain was rescued from a government scientific  facility by an anonymous  technician. In marijuana circles the plant's powerful Indica potency, along with the fable of freedom from being rescued, raised G13 to that of legendary status.

Indica connoisseurs will appreciate the delectable 'double Afghani' bouquet of Mr Nice G13. The dark, earthy undertones  which are combined with rich, sweet-spicy aroma of  resin raw  glands.

G13 x Marijuana Plant
is designed for smokers who enjoy testing their limits and growers who specialize in solid, heavy, ultra-powerful crops.

The yields that a grower of this  G13 strain can expect for indoor growing is between 500-650 grams a square meter depending upon the method of growing. Since this plant is predominantly indica, it does not stretch much.

The two  most distinctive features that the G13 plant brings with it are a serrated edged leaf trait and an unusually healthy (slightly glossy) green in the maturing  plant.

G13 marijuana seeds can be grown fairly easily by beginners to advanced growers.

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks

Buy G13 Here Now


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