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Neville´s Haze By Mr Nice Review

Neville´s Haze

  • Name                                 Neville´s Haze
  • Breeder                            Shantibaba's
  • Genetics :                        Haze x NL5/Haze
  • Pack Size:                        18 Seeds
  • Variety:                           Mostly Sativa
  • Feminised:                     Regular (not feminised
  • THC Content:                21.0%
  • Grows :                            Grows indoors
  • Flowering Time:          16 Weeks
  • Characteristics :         Strong Sativa High; Cerebral Buzz
  • Height :                          Tall

nevilleshaze3 Neville´s Haze By Mr Nice ReviewNeville´s Haze is yet another superb breed by Neville Schoenmakers. He made it by combining a pure Haze to a NL5/Haze, which created probably one of the most influential plants in modern times.
For flavor it is very much sativa, so it is unlikely to appeal to lovers of Indica.
Nevilles´s Haze produces a very strong cerebral high, a true connoisseur´s choice and is frequently used for medical purposes.
The yield of Neville’s Haze strain varies from 250 gr and 500 gr per m2. The more you nurture Neville’s Haze plants, the bigger yield you can expect.

As Neville´s Haze grows she develops large fluffy buds. These give  an intense rushing, trippy high. Not to be recommended for inexperienced smokers.

Flowering Outdoors in the Northern hemisphere one can expect it to be ready by late October.
And flowering in the Southern hemisphere by the end of April.

As Neville´s Haze seeds have quite a long growing time, with patience these seeds will reward her grower with one of the most refined aromas and effects of the cannabis.

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