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G13 X Hash Plant Mr Nice Review

G13 Marijuana Seed

G13 marijuana1 300x224  G13 X Hash Plant Mr Nice ReviewApparently according to marijuana folklore, the original G13 strain was rescued from a government scientific  facility by an anonymous  technician. In marijuana circles the plant's powerful Indica potency, along with the fable of freedom from being rescued, raised G13 to that of legendary status.

Indica connoisseurs will appreciate the delectable 'double Afghani' bouquet of Mr Nice G13. The dark, earthy undertones  which are combined with rich, sweet-spicy aroma of  resin raw  glands.

G13 x Marijuana Plant
is designed for smokers who enjoy testing their limits and growers who specialize in solid, heavy, ultra-powerful crops.

The yields that a grower of this  G13 strain can expect for indoor growing is between 500-650 grams a square meter depending upon the method of growing. Since this plant is predominantly indica, it does not stretch much.

The two  most distinctive features that the G13 plant brings with it are a serrated edged leaf trait and an unusually healthy (slightly glossy) green in the maturing  plant.

G13 marijuana seeds can be grown fairly easily by beginners to advanced growers.

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks

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