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Critical Mass Marijuana Review

seedsbanner Critical Mass Marijuana Review Critical Mass Marijuana Review

Critical Mass Marijuana Seed


criticalmass 1 mini3 Critical Mass Marijuana ReviewMr Nice Critical Mass Marijuana Seed is a brilliant reworked creation of an old breed commonly known as Big Bud. It has a genetic pedigree originating from a particularly heavy Afghani combined with the original Skunk #1. This is a seriously indica-like plant with thick-shaped leaves.

For the grower who insists on a high yield combined with a comparable stone Critical Mass Marijuana is a MUST.

criticalmass 2 mini Critical Mass Marijuana ReviewIt was named critical mass because of its heavy production, so much so that  you may well be astounded by the vigorous growth. The buds are obscenely big and heavy, likened by many as resembling the male genital protrusion of a giant donkey. And there are plenty of them.

Because of the weight of the buds it may be necessary to give some support to the flowers during growing before the plant's own branches snap from inability to support its growth..

criticalmass 3 mini Critical Mass Marijuana ReviewCritical Mass Marijuana seeds are  easy to grow. An expected yield indoors would be realistic at 650-750 grams per square meter. And possibly more for the experienced grower. In height and structure, it is of a medium-size.

Because of  Critical Mass Marijuana heavy flower construction it can be vulnerable to mould if the growing area is too humid. So it is important to harvest on time.

If you are cultivating  outdoors then expect to harvest in September for the northern hemisphere and by March for those in the southern hemisphere.

criticalmass 4 mini Critical Mass Marijuana ReviewThe taste and aroma of  Mr Nice Critical Mass marijuana is strong but not particularly distinctive, The high  is however, everything that you would expect from a plant with such noble lineage. A nice mix of Sativa head and Indica stone make the Critical Mass strain a great smoke when hanging out with friends.

Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds are also good for medicinal purposes.


  • Heritage: Critical Mass Marijuana Category:
  • The Naturals - Old school genetics
  • Family of breed: Afghan x Skunk #1(origins of Afghan/Mexican/Columbian)
  • Breeder: Mr Nice SeedBank
  • Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
  • Expected yield: Indoor 650/750 g/m2 G/h & outdoor 500-600 g/plant
  • Flowering period: Expect flowering time in an indoor room of 45/55 days.
  • In the North/hemisphere late September and in the South/hemisphere March to early April... Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.
  • Special Notes: Winner of multiple awards in various countries since the early days.

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