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Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana Vaporizers

 A  Healthy Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Marijuana

150 vaporiser t3 Marijuana VaporizersIn some countries, marijuana is regarded as being harmful. But nowadays, many individuals are becoming more aware of the benefits produced by using marijuana. Despite the benefits that we can get from utilizing marijuana, the main problem that we cannot avoid with the usual use of smoking marijuana is the harm from the smoke. However with the advancement of technology, there are inventions that are created for us to be able to keep away from the smoke and allow us to completely enjoy the benefits of marijuana. This is where  marijuana vaporizers comes in.

Are marijuana vaporizers an ideal option?

We all know for a fact that the most common way of taking marijuana is by smoking the herb?  However, there are negative effects that are not rooted in the herb itself. Just like tobacco cigarettes, marijuana cigarettes  have the same presence of carcinogens.

Smoking marijuana mixed with tobacco can cause respiratory illnesses, bronchitis, respiratory infections and irritations. Which is why it is sensible to use marijuana vaporizers.

Benefits of Marijuana Vaporizers

The finest benefits that can be offered using marijuana vaporizers, is access to 95% pure and active components that are found in the vapor. In addition, you are guaranteed that the vapor does  not contain smoke or any risky carcinogens.

  • When you smoke any herb, including marijuana, you inhale harmful toxins created by the burning process.
  • Using a vaporizer avoids the burning process and, consequently, eliminates the health problems associated with smoking.
  • So, it's a fact: marijuana vaporizers  are far better for your health when compared to smoking.

As more people, including medical experts, have come to realize the health benefits of using a marijuana vaporizer, more and more marijuana vaporizers are hitting the market making it difficult to decide the right marijuana vaporizer for you.

Many people also think that the only herb they can use in their vaporizer is marijuana. People have been using herbs for health for thousands of years and are still doing so today. Did you know, for instance, that vaporized Clary Sage is good for relieving depression? Or folk suffering from bronchitis could obtain some relief by vaporizing Clove?

How does a marijuana vaporizer work?

There are many types of marijuana vaporizers on the market but they all work with the same principle, which is to heat your medical marijuana until the active chemicals boil and vaporize.

The chemical makeup of cannabis.

Marijuana or cannabis contains cannabinoids which are a group of terpenophenolic compounds including THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) which is what gets the user high. In addition there is CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol), the latter is produced as the THC ages and breaks down.

Cannabis with high levels of both THC and CBD will create a strong energetic high where low levels of THC and high levels of CBD will be more of a body, sleepy stone.

•             Cannabis indica has higher amounts of CBD and lower amounts of THC than sativa.

•             THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is found primarily in strains from African and Asian cannabis. The THCV may increase the speed and intensity of THC effects, but the high may tend to end sooner. Cannabis that has a potent smell before smoking may indicate a high level of THCV.

•             CBC (Cannabichromene) seems not to be psychoactive in its purest form but is thought to interact with THC to enhance the high.

•             CBL (Cannabicyclol) is created when the cannabis breaks down just like CBN. Light will convert CBC to CBL.

Marijuana Vaporization

When cannabinoids are heated to the right temperature they literally boil and vaporize. The cannabinoids are concentrated in a viscous resin that is produced in glandular structures known as trichomes, these are the tiny, sticky hair like formations you see at the end of buds.


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